Who We Are

Founder: Ted Parker, MA, LCPC (deceased 2020)
Executive Director: Terry Parker, MA, LPC
Director: Murlene Rucker

Our mission is the safety of Victims, who are usually women and children; however, an increasing number of men are coming forward as Victims of abuse and violence. We treat all Victims with dignity and respect, regardless of their gender. While we honor the abuse or prior trauma that Victims have endured, we simultaneously teach and empower them with coping skills, nonviolent conflict management techniques, and identification of red flags in relationships. We refer clients to mental health facilities and addiction centers when needed to provide concurrent treatment. If inpatient treatment is needed, we put clients in a medical hold status, and they resume group attendance after treatment.

With DCFS clients, our goal is to promote permanency by maintaining, strengthening, and safeguarding the functioning of families to

  1. prevent substitute care placement,
  2. promote family reunification,
  3. stabilize foster care placements,
  4. facilitate youth development, and
  5. ensure the safety, permanency, and well-being of children

Group Interventions agrees to support achievement of the outcomes of safety, permanency, and well-being for children and their parents and other family members served under this potential contract. We also agree to ensure the safety and well-being of all clients while receiving services under this potential contract. The physical site shall be safe, adequately maintained, and free from damage. Staffing levels shall assure the adequate supervision necessary to provide therapeutic treatment to clients. A safe and caring environment is critical for supporting therapeutic treatment, and Group Interventions shall facilitate and maintain this environment so that all treatment services provided to clients are supported.