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General Information-Agency and Area

Group Interventions is a social service agency serving domestic violence abusers in Bond, Clinton, Jersey, Macoupin, Madison and St. Clair counties in Illinois. The area we serve is on the Mississippi River just across from St. Louis, Missouri, in Southwestern Illinois.

Executive Director’s Message

Terry Parker


“You show people how to treat you by what you tolerate and what you choose to ignore.”

We’re human, and we all make mistakes. We all make bad choices, too, like staying with someone despite warning signs. Like drinking too much. Like setting our expectations way too high. Group Interventions teaches that every choice has consequences, whether good or bad. We emphasize that each of us is responsible for every single choice we make—from who we allow into our lives, to how intimate we are, to how we treat our partner and children, to red flags we choose to ignore in a partner, to how much we tolerate, to which words we speak. Each of us is responsible for how we think, how we act, how we feel, and what we believe. Bottom line: Each person is responsible for how he/she reacts and interacts with people. When you accept responsibility for your own actions, reactions, decisions, and choices, you have developed important, personal insight.


Children are impacted by domestic violence, whether you believe they are asleep or they aren’t even at home. Children sense the tension between the two of you. They hear the harsh or sarcastic comments, the rising voices, the insults, the swearing, the escalating arguments. They see your eyes rolling or your lips pursed or your furrowed brow. The see spittle fly from your mouth when shouting to someone else. They see holes in walls and items broken or thrown in anger or fear or hurt. Children live in fear of not knowing what will happen next between the adults who keep assuring them they love and care for them. Children settle for unpredictability between their caregivers, but they deserve better.


“This is the first time I’ve ever been in trouble.” Good. Let it be the last. We’ll educate you weekly and provide therapy when you need it.

“I didn’t know slamming a door is a violent thing to do.” Sure it is, because slamming a door intimidates someone else. What’s your message? “I’m so angry that I’m slamming this door so you’ll know how angry I am!” That single act is a violent one because it intimidates someone else. Furthermore, the other person cannot predict what you will do or say next, which leads to fear.

“I can come back for free?” Yes. Once you complete our program, you can visit anytime for free, unless you have new charges.

“These groups really work!” That’s because you do the hard work of changing your thoughts, feelings, actions, and/or beliefs. Change doesn’t happen overnight. We only present the information and skills; YOU choose to apply and practice them."